We are Together in Renal Dialysis

Who we are

Together is a new and innovative online booking system that visiting dialysis patients can use to book their dialysis treatments.

Easy installation

It is a unique software program that is installed on the website of each Dialysis Unit.

Direct contact with the Dialysis Unit

It connects the dialysis patient with the Renal Dialysis Unit immediately, directly and with no intermediate procedures.

No intermediaries

Together offers a secure contact between the dialysis patient and the Dialysis Unit with no intermediaries.


How it works

  • Through the program Together the patient is immediately informed of the days and hours (shifts) that are available in order to carry out the treatments they wish.
  • The Unit’s availability has been previously inserted to the system by the Unit itself.
  • Every time a reservation is made, vacancy availability changes automatically.
  • After confirmation, modification or cancellation of the reservation, the Unit and the patient are automatically informed by email.
  • At the time of booking the patient is given the choice of dialysis modality (classic or on line) as well as the type of coverage (insurance carrier or self-pay).



  • Together system is user-friendly and works across all devices: computers, smartphones & tablets.
  • There is the ability of direct on-line payment through the system for patients who choose to cover it privately.
  • The booking and payment processes are protected by encryption (SSL) and security (PCI DSS) certificates.
  • The system is available in a multilingual environment supporting 24 different languages.
  • The software is fully customized to the Unit's website so that logos, colors, photos and backgrounds are in aesthetic harmony with the rest of the site.
  • Full account support is provided by the Account Manager of the program that will train the Staff Manager of the Unit and provide advice on how to operate the program efficiently and effectively.
  • Technical support is available via email & phone 16 hours a day and 6 days a week.


Benefits to the patient

  • It enables the dialysis patient to choose immediately, autonomously and independently the dialysis unit that will perform their dialysis treatment without any intermediate procedures!
  • The reservation process is conducted online (trend of our times) from the home or the office of the dialysis patient on the sole condition that there is access to the internet.
  • Lower cost per treatment when they choose to cover it privately.

Benefits to the Renal Dialysis Unit

  • The Unit gains direct access to the global and domestic dialysis tourism community, thus increasing its visiting patients.
  • It is made sure that happy guests will visit the Unit again as there are no intermediate procedures that can guide them elsewhere.
  • Reservations through the system will facilitate the Unit's financial forecasts for the whole year.


Installation & Activation Process

Installation & Activation Process

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